The Armor Shop has debuted a new armor plate at this year's Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show that when combined with soft armor provides protection against rifle rounds.

The company's ICW plate is lightweight at 2.4 pounds and is 0.6 inches thick, significantly light and thin for a full-size 10 x 12-inch plate.

"What is so special about this plate is that it is the first body armor plate that meets the current needs of our law enforcement," The Armor Shop's CEO Max Gucik says. "Everyday patrol officers wear soft armor in their duty vests, but that armor doesn't meet the current threats that they face. With our plate we simply add it to the patrol vest that the officer was already issued and in-conjunction with the soft armor in the vest they are a true Level III protection (rifle protection) The officers will have the confidence that they are protected while being happy how lightweight it is. "

The Armor Shop offers a 15-year warranty on the ICW plate. "With most body armor being a five-year warranty, we have tripled the life of the product for the police. For a larger department it will save the city millions in armor. Also any officers who are given an equipment allowance this will help them even more because it will be a one-time purchase for the officer over their career," Gucik says.