Los Angeles City Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez has introduced a motion to have the Los Angeles Police Department draft a report on all shootings by its officers in 2021, which saw the highest number of LAPD shootings since 2017.  

The motion, which will first go to the Public Safety Committee -- which is chaired by Rodriguez -- requests a report with an overview of all 2021's shootings, including the status and timeline of the investigations into them and the findings of non-compliance with the LAPD's use of force policy as compared to findings for the previous five years.  

There were 37 shootings involving the LAPD in 2021, 18 of them fatal. In 2020, there were 27 police shootings and seven people were killed, KFI/CNS reports.

Of the 37 shootings last year, about 40% of the suspects had a firearm. The remaining 22 suspects had objects classified as weapons by the department, including edged weapons, vehicles and bike locks.  

``To see this resurgence, to see it come in with the increase in weapons other than firearms, is causing us to take a deep dive to identify what training and what other avenues we need to pursue,'' Police Chief Michel Moore told the Los Angeles Police Commission.