The Cleveland Division of Police will classify the New Year’s Eve killing of Officer Shane Bartek during an off-duty carjacking as a “line of duty” death.

Bartek’s family will be eligible for additional benefits based on the classification. Department policy also has several requirements for line of duty deaths, including a police motorcade at his funeral and flags flown at half-staff at city buildings for ten days after the funeral.

Interim Police Chief Wayne Drummond said Wednesday the decision was made after reviewing video of Bartek’s death and speaking with Bartek’s academy trainer, WKSU reports.

“We observed Officer Bartek utilized training that he received in our police academy to try to disarm the suspect,” Drummond said. “Our conclusion in the review was that it was a line of duty death.”

Shortly after Bartek’s death, the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, which represents Cleveland police rank-and-file, raised objections to what they said were the city’s plans to classify it as an off-duty death.