Former Chicago police commander Melvin Roman condemned leadership in a resignation letter handed in Wednesday, months after he was demoted following protests outside of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot's home that blocked traffic, Fox News reports.

Roman was commander of the 14th district, the district where Lightfoot's home is located, before he was relegated to the position of captain and then reassigned to co-commander of the 20th district, CWBChicago reported

"After over 31 years with the Chicago Police Department, my career has come to an end. I find contemplating retirement similar to contemplating life in general," Roman wrote. "…I will always be proud to say that I was a Chicago Police Officer, although I cannot be proud of our current Department."

He added that in his more than three decades at the department, there is an obvious lack of trust and infighting, adding that the administration "listens to no one."


"Officers are the most important aspect of our mission," Melvin wrote. "They must have trust and faith in us as supervisors to leave the station and fulfill the missions we decide and they do that because they respect and have faith in the MEN AND WOMEN who lead, NOT the rank! This is a fact that some will never understand."

Supervisors at the CPD, according to Melvin, "have had the benefit of some of the most prestigious leadership training and still do not know the most fundamental traits of a leader."