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New Yorkers chose Democrat Eric Adams, a retired New York Police Department captain, to become the city's Mayor in a landslide election that offered little surprise given that Republicans are outnumbered by a margin of about 7 to 1.

Adams, who is currently the Brooklyn borough president and a former state senator, will take the reins from Bill de Blasio, NPR reports.

Throughout the race, the 61-year-old Adams made combating gun violence and improving public safety a main focus of his campaign, while also calling for cuts to the NYPD's budget and the shifting of some jobs to civilians that have been done by officers, which he says could save the city up to $500 million a year.

Following a worrisome surge in shootings not seen since the 1990s, Adams says he'd like to reestablish a controversial plainclothes anti-crime unit that was dismantled by de Blasio just last year. He would also increase patrols at train and bus stations.

He is adamant about paring back overtime, and supports establishing a requirement that new officers live in the five boroughs while also luring back current officers who live outside the city, with various incentives.