Alfonso Morales who was forced out as Milwaukee’s police chief over his handling of protests and riots last year was selected Monday to be the next chief of a suburban Madison police department.

The Fitchburg, WI, Police and Fire Commission voted 3-2 to hire Morales, who had been criticized in Milwaukee and demoted in August 2020, reports.

A judge later overturned Morales’ demotion and said he could return as chief, but the city and Morales reached a settlement that saw him resign and collect $627,000.

Fitchburg Mayor Aaron Richardson said he supports his city’s Police and Fire Commission in its decision to select Morales. Asked whether he was concerned about the way Morales left Milwaukee, Richardson said he believes that if there were any concerns, the commission would have chosen the other finalist, Salt Lake City Police Department Capt. Vic Siebeneck.