The Travis County, TX, district attorney's office has hired additional attorneys to expand its civil rights unit, which investigates reports of police officer misconduct, as the unit handles an increased caseload.

District Attorney Jose Garza, elected last fall, ran on a platform of police accountability and has recently indicted multiple officers since taking office. Garza said the new hires will enable his office to address the increased caseload, the Austin American Statesman reports.

“Our community has seen an alarming increase in incidents and reports of law enforcement misconduct,” Garza said in a statement. “In the past seven months alone, a Travis County grand jury has returned felony indictments against eleven law enforcement officers for charges of violence like murder and aggravated assault. In order to rebuild community trust and ensure the safety of all members of our community, we must hold law enforcement accountable when they break the law, and these critical new hires will ensure that we do that.”