The Minnesota police shooting of Daunte Wright reignited angry protests across many US cities Monday night — with a riot declared in Portland, Oregon, as a mob of hundreds attacked police, according to officials.

At least 40 people were arrested during a second night of violence in Brooklyn Center, the city on the outskirts of Minneapolis where Wright was killed Sunday, and protesters gathered in other cities in a show of unity.

“Burn the precincts to the ground, in every city and every town!” a mob marching through Portland was filmed chanting.

There were also reports of demonstrations in Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington, DC, New York City,

Portland once again saw Antifa militants clash with officers and attempt to storm government buildings Monday night. Police said reports first came from homeowners that people marching through their area were stealing rocks and landscaping bricks to use as weapons against police in the city center.

“People [threw] glass bottles, frozen water bottles, rocks, ball bearings and other objects, and shot fireworks parallel to the ground in the direction of police and the building,” the Portland Police Bureau said, initially declaring it an unlawful gathering.