Multiple first responders worked together to save lives and prevent widespread destruction while fighting a mobile home fire in northwest Denver Sunday. 

Adams County deputies at the scene helped people escape from their burning homes while outside temperatures hovered at -7 degrees, 9News reports.

Deputies Elijah Roman and Aaron Derycke were patrolling separately early Sunday morning when they heard the call about the fire just before 5 a.m. at the mobile home park.

Roman got there first and immediately had people pleading with him for help.

“I was being flagged down by someone letting me know there’s still people inside the structure,” Roman said.

“The lady was sleeping in her bed in the very back of the trailer. I crawled to the back because the fire and the smoke were really heavy," he said. "So, I was kind of feeling around. I got back to her and was able to get her out from there as quick as I could.”

Derycke arrived shortly after.

“When I saw him running out and coughing as much as he was, that’s when it kicked in,” Derycke said. “I wasn’t thinking…If my partner’s doing it, I’m doing it.”

Four people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. Two were residents and the other two were deputies, according to Adams County Fire Rescue.