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The vast majority of mayors in American cities do not support sweeping changes to the funding of their police departments, but most say last year's racial justice protests were a force for good in their cities.

Eighty percent of the mayors who responded to the Menino Survey of Mayors say they believe their police budgets last year were "about right." Most mayors said they did not support reallocating many, or some of their police department's resources and responsibilities.

Conducted by Boston University's Initiative on Cities, the survey includes responses from 130 mayors nationwide who all lead cities with more than 75,000 residents, NPR reports.

Mayors say they believe that the protests that swept the country during the summer of 2020 did more good than harm in their communities, but there were divisions along party lines. Republican mayors were 31 percentage points more likely to see protests as having done harm to their communities, according to the report.

The mayors that responded to the survey are overwhelmingly Democrats. Just 20% are Republicans.