Acting chief of the DC Metropolitan Police Department Robert J. Contee said at a press conference Thursday that 56 of the department's officers were injured responding to Wednesday's riot at the U.S. Capitol building.

Contee said one officer was hospitalized after he was dragged into the crowd, beaten, kicked, and shocked with a stun gun.

Thrown projectiles, irritant sprays, and hand-to-hand violence were used on his officers as they made 25 arrests over curfew violations after 6 p.m., Contee said. Arrests were also made on other charges, including weapons.

Contee said many of the officers continued to "fight valiantly" against the rioters even after they were injured. "They would get triaged quickly and return to the line," he said.

Asked why the arrest numbers are so low, Contee said, "The first thing you have to do is regain control (before you can make safe arrests)."

DC law enforcement agencies are posting photos of rioters on the websites in hopes that they can be identified and arrested for charges such as assaults on officers and property damage. Contee urged the public to call the FBI if they recognized one of the suspects.

Contee said that DC Metro PD had mutual aid agreements secured in advance of yesterday's pro-Trump rally, which escalated into a riot.

Appearing at the same press conference, Secretary of the Army Ryan D. McCarthy said that the National Guard is working traffic control points near the Capitol.  

There have been no reports of injuries to officers from other involved agencies.