Deputies from the Franklin County (KS) Sheriff’s Office along with members of the community teamed up to buy a van for a mother of two after learning she had been walking six miles each way for her job.

The deputies surprised the 24-year-old woman with the vehicle Wednesday; she was instantly overcome with emotion.

Over the last two weeks, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office received several calls about a woman walking on 59 Highway between Ottawa and Princeton in the early morning. Each time, deputies responded to the area and gave the woman a ride to work, KDVR reports.

“Throughout these contacts with her, the Sheriff’s Office learned this woman walked to work at Love’s Truck Stop six miles away," the sheriff's office said

After several encounters with the woman, a group of deputies gathered to brainstorm how to help her. After a few days, through the generosity of local residents and businesses along with the sheriff’s department’s ‘No Shave November’ funds, they were able to donate the van, two new car seats, a gift card, the van registration and the first year of auto insurance along with $200.