Detroit Special Response Team officers fatally shot a 28-year-old murder suspect Tuesday after he fired at one of the department's precincts.

Several rounds of gunfire were exchanged in the parking lot of a closed business around 8 a.m. between the SRT officers and the man, who was armed with an AR-15 and had indicated plans to fire at police.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig told Fox 2 after the suspect fired at the precinct, he drove to a vacant parking lot where the department's special response team used an armored vehicle to block him in.

Officers made several failed attempts to contact the suspect, who at this point was considered a barricaded gunman because he was holed up in his vehicle.

"As they (Special Response Team) moved in, they could see he was holding an AR-15 and officers asked to see his hands," Craig said. "The man shook his head, 'negative' and there was an exchange of gunfire between this suspect and the SRT officers."

Sometime during the incident, the suspect shot at a squad car, injuring one of the officers with flying glass.