Protesters entered the Rochester, New York, public safety building Tuesday and allegedly assaulted two police officers, the department said.

The incident began after a protester, Nicholas Wilt, was incorrectly detained after a warrant for his arrest had the wrong date for failing to appear. The error meant his appearance was set for end of October not end of September as the warrant led police to believe, ABC reports.

Following Wilt's arrest, protesters entered the Rochester Police Headquarters, where one allegedly assaulted a police sergeant and another officer with a weapon, according to authorities.

Jordan Hughes, 26, was arrested and charged with two counts of assault in the 2nd degree. The officers, the department said, were transported to a local hospital along with a third officer who was injured during the incident.

Protests and riots broke out in Rochester earlier this year when video of the in-custody death of Daniel Prude was released. They have continued for weeks.

Prude, 41, died in March, one week after being restrained by Rochester police during a mental health emergency. Officers put a spit bag on his head and pinned him to the ground. Prude was reportedly naked and under the influence of PCP during the incident. The incident is still under investigation.