A man has been arrested for allegedly biting an officer with the Anchorage (AK) Police Department assigned to the Impaired Driving Enforcement Unit (IDEU) who had been conducting a traffic stop.

According to a statement issued by the department on Nixle, the subject—identified as 49-year-old Richard Eaton—had been driving erratically when the officer decided to conduct the stop.

After the officer activated his lights, Eaton came to an abrupt stop, exited his vehicle and ran at the officer's car while reaching towards his waistband with one of his hands. The officer put his car in reverse and gave Eaton commands to stop. Initially Eaton continued to charge at the driver’s side of the patrol car. Eventually Eaton stopped, walked back to the Chevy, and drove away.

The officer followed the suspect vehicle and called for backup. Eventually the man came to a stop and as officers attempted to take him into custody an officer deployed an ECD but it did not have the intended effect as Eaton remained standing and swiped away the probes away.

A struggle ensued during which Eaton reportedly bit an officer and attempted to bite another.

Eaton now faces multiple charges from the incident, as well as several charges that had previously