A Trenton, NJ-area high school student has recorded a YouTube video thanking COVID-19 responders, including law enforcement officers, doctors, nurses, and essential workers and playing bagpipes for the people who lost their lives to the disease.

Marissa Yee, 16, is a member of the Greater Trenton Pipes and Drums group. She performed the tribute in front of an American flag in Higland Scot regalia.

"I'd like to thank the doctors, nurses, police, and essential workers who put themselves at risk selflessly each day," she says in the video recorded in April that is still relevant four months later.

The youtube video has surpassed 5,000 views and even received a comment all the way from Edinburgh, Scotland, NJ.com reports.

“The comment from the person from Scotland was my favorite,” Yee said. “It showed that people were watching worldwide and that this actually helped people. It really hit home - especially that one comment where he was describing how beautiful it was and how much he loved it. That meant the world.”

Yee says she has always loved music and started her musical journey playing the saxophone and piano. She began playing the bagpipes five years ago and hoped that her video could shine some light during these difficult times.