Video has surfaced of the man who has confessed to a deadly mass shooting at a school in Parkland, FL, two years ago attacking a Broward County deputy in the jail where he was being held.

Nikolas Cruz, 21, faces four charges in the Nov. 13, 2018, attack on Sgt. Ray Beltran, 42, in the Broward County Main Jail in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Barring a guilty plea by Cruz, the case will go to a jury trial later this year, reports the Sun Sentinel.

The video had no audio, but according to records, Sgt. Raymond Beltran "requested that Cruz not drag his sandals on the ground while walking around," reports WSVN, which first aired the video.

The video shows Cruz flashing one and then both middle fingers at the guard. Then it appears he charges Beltran and punches him, reports the Sun Sentinel.

After viewing the surveillance video, Beltran described the assault in a sworn statement on Jan. 3, 2020. Before he could get up to take Cruz back to his cell "for his behavior," Beltran said, "he didn't give me a chance, he just came at me."

Cruz punched the guard in the head, grabbed him, turned him around and slammed him onto a table, Beltran's statement recounts.

Finally, Beltran retrieved the TASER and punched Cruz, who retreated and was arrested.