A Chicago police sergeant was wounded in the wrist as he tailed the driver of a white pickup truck suspected in a fatal shooting, then was picked up by other officers and continued the pursuit, and apprehended the suspect after he was stopped near Stroger Hospital, according to authorities.

The 36-year-old suspect was arrested, and a gun was confiscated, police told the Chicago Tribune. The officer was taken to Stroger to the hospital and was listed as stable. The man who was killed was 26.

The sergeant had been working undercover in an unrelated investigation when he saw the victim shot in the head around 2:30 p.m., police said.

The sergeant pursued the suspect’s truck and the suspect fired twice and hit the sergeant in the wrist, police said.

Harrison District tactical officers in the area met up with the sergeant and started driving him east toward the hospital, police said.

On the way, the sergeant spotted the suspect and the tactical team started chasing the truck.

“While en route to the hospital, the officer and the transporting unit observed the offender in the pickup truck," Chicago police Interim Superintendent Charlie Beck said at the hospital. The driver asked the sergeant, “Did he still want to go directly to the hospital or should they apprehend the offender. He elected they should apprehend the offender.”