Every officer with the Palo Alto (CA) Police Department will undergo LGBTQ training after a gay man sued the department and the city alleging that his civil rights were violated during an incident in February 2018.

According to the Mercury News, the Palo Alto city council agreed to pay a settlement of $572,500 to Gustavo Alvarez for an incident in which a number of officers arrested him at home for driving with a suspended license. Alvarez alleged that he was arrested because he is gay.

The council also agreed to send one officer to a LGBTQ awareness law enforcement course at the Napa Valley College Criminal Justice Training Center, after which that officer will conduct a two-hour training course for all Palo Alto police officers.

The city and police department said in a written statement, "While the City and Police Department sharply dispute the vast majority of Mr. Alvarez’ claims and have deep concerns about Mr. Alvarez’ continuing criminal behavior, the City believes that this resolution is in the best interests of all involved."