Three individuals are being credited with saving a wheelchair-bound man from a burning home in the town of Babylon on Long Island on Wednesday afternoon. One is an active-duty officer and one is a retired officer.

According to CBS News, Larry Knapp—a retired NYPD officer—had just begun his job as a security guard at an elementary school when he spotted smoke emanating from a nearby home.

He approached the house, came upon a woman standing outside, and learned that her handicapped husband was still inside.

Knapp and a parent who was picking up his son from the school ran into the burning building to rescue to the man from upstairs room.

As the two Good Samaritans were entering, they were joined by Officer Francis McKay of the Suffolk County Police Department who was patrolling nearby and heard the call of a fire at the location.

The three men helped the 73-year-old out of the building.