An officer with the Kissimmee (FL) Police Department who pushed a subject off a roof nine feet above a backyard lawn has received his punishment: one less vacation day.

According to CBS News, Officer Plenio Massiah and Sergeant Anthony Amada were among the several officers who responded to a call about a stolen car. Officers entered a home where the stolen vehicle was located and the alleged thief—identified as Yadiel Torres—fled upstairs and climbed out a window and onto the roof.

Massiah followed Torres onto the roof and told him to put his hands up.

In body camera footage of the event, Sergeant Amada—standing below—says, "Just push him off. Push him off."

Officer Massiah then does precisely that.

Following an internal investigation, Amada was found to have violated policies regarding force and carelessness. It was recommended that Amada be terminated but he resigned instead.

Massiah was found to have violated the use-of-force policy and was issued an eight-hour suspension. He elected to forfeit one vacation day instead.