A report by the City of Detroit Inspector General says that the Board of Police Commissioners in that city abused its authority in hiring and other practices.

According to ABC News, Inspector General Ellen Ha says that Board Secretary Gregory Hicks violated the Open Meetings Act by giving Hicks the authority to make department hires behind closed doors.

In one case, Hicks reportedly "had to manipulate the minimum qualifications" for a position on the board for an individual named Robert Brown.

In another case, Faye Johnson, who according to the IG report had known Hicks for 30 years, was hired by the board for a job that had not even been publicly posted. Hicks and Johnson had reportedly exchanged dozens of emails about the position, with Johnson asking at one point, "What am I applying for?"

To help get her the job of fiscal manager, the inspector general reportedly found Hicks went so far as to edit her resume to make her a stronger candidate. The report says Hicks ensured Johnson got the job by requiring that candidates have a CPA’s license.

Johnson was the only candidate who did, and she subsequently got the job.

The Detroit Board of Police Commissioners is the civilian oversight organization of the Detroit Police Department. The board has widespread supervisory authority over the police department and is frequently critical of the actions of its officers.