A young man saw an officer about to jump into an indoor pool to save a woman from drowning and bravely jumped in to assist in the effort.

According to OttawaMatters.com, first-year Constable Laura Monette responded to an apartment complex in late July for a possible drowning.

As she was taking off her ballistic vest and duty belt, the young man announced that he was going into the water to help.

The pair reached the woman at the bottom of the pool and were able to bring her to the surface. The constable was able to perform CPR and revive the woman, but in the process, the Good Samaritan left the area.

"When I looked around for him, he was gone," Monette said.

"I didn't get his name, but I wanted to tell him he was so brave to do what he did. She probably wouldn’t be alive if he hadn’t acted when he had."