A man killed four people and wounded two others in multiple stabbings at several locations in Orange County, CA, before being arrested Wednesday, Garden Grove police said.

Police said a 33-year-old Hispanic male from Garden Grove, CA, was arrested outside a 7-Eleven in Santa Ana, after a series of robberies and violent attacks that Lt. Carl Whitney with Garden Grove Police Department called "pure evil" at a news conference. The suspect's identity was not immediately released, reports KTLA.

The series of events began when police were alerted to a burglary at a Garden Grove apartment complex shortly after 4 p.m., Whitney said. The apartment had clearly been ransacked. They were later called back to the same apartment where the suspect had apparently returned and stabbed two men who lived there. One survived and the other did not.

The man is believed to have committed multiple robberies and stabbing attacks before law enforcement located his silver Mercedes around 6:25 p.m. Monday at a 7-11 store in Santa Ana.

Whitney said officers confronted the suspect as he left the 7-11 carrying a knife and a handgun. The suspect dropped both weapons and complied with officers' demands, and was taken into custody.

Whitney said all deceased victims were Hispanic males.

Police do not have a clear motive at this time. Whitney described the attack as random acts of violence and said the suspect was not associated with any of the victims.

"Robbery, hate, homicide. This is all of the above," Whitney said. "It's just pure tragedy right now."