On Monday, the Sacramento Police Department attempted to stop a stolen vehicle when the driver failed to stop and fled at a high rate of speed. CHP officers joined the chase as the suspect fled Sacramento on an interstate highway.

Following the vehicle pursuit, the suspected car thief in California's central valley bailed out of his vehicle and fled on foot.

"Due to CHP Helicopter H-30 and CHP Airplane (Air-31) being overhead, ground CHP Officers were able to follow the suspect safe at a distance," CHP said on Facebook.

Two CHP ground officers were able to enter the complex as the Vacaville Police Department responded to assist. Prior to entering the complex the suspect attempted to enter a parked vehicle.

The suspect attempted to hide under, between, and in several parked tractor trailers.

"Unfortunately for the suspect, the orbiting CHP Aircraft were able to keep an eye on him," CHP said. "When officers approached the suspect he did not comply with their directions, fled on foot, and attempted to struggle with the officers."

During a struggle between the suspect and two arresting officers, the CHP helicopter landed in between rows of semi-trailers to assist. Two CHP personnel exited the helicopter and assisted in taking the suspect into custody without further incident.

Neither the suspect nor the arresting officers were injured during the incident.