Officers with the Chicago Police Department are being lauded for their bravery, quick thinking and teamwork as they rescued a 33-year-old man who had fallen through the ice on Lake Michigan in an effort to save his puppy, which had also fallen into the frigid water.

The man went after his nine-month-old adopted American Eskimo mix named Pika.

The agency said on Facebook that five officers formed a human chain across the ice, each holding onto another officer's belt and were able to reach the man.

"We didn’t talk about it—we just kind of did it," Sergeant Alex Silva said during a press conference after the incident became public.

"He was able to save the 19-pound dog but was unable to get out of the lake due to large ice walls that formed along the water's edge," the agency said on Facebook.

"They (CPD) absolutely saved my life," the man said. "I will be forever grateful to them."

Both the man and the dog are doing well.