An officer with the Midlothian (OH) Police Department who reportedly shot and killed a security guard—Jemel Roberson—near a bar in the Chicago suburbs now fears for his life, according to CBS News.

The officer—who has not been publicly identified—reportedly mistook Roberson for a gunman who had been shooting inside the establishment.

According to reports, a man who had been previously kicked out of Manny's Blue Room Bar returned with a gun and began firing. It was then that Roberson subdued the man, pinning him to the ground at gunpoint.

A responding officer reportedly told Roberson multiple times to drop the gun he was holding. When he failed to comply with those commands, the officer opened fire, fatally wounding Roberson.

Midlothian police say people have tried to put the officer’s address on social media.

Officers have now reportedly been assigned to increase patrols around the officer's home.