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A defensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys, who has been kneeling to protest law enforcement use of force on minorities, went on a ride-along earlier this week with a local officer.

Cowboys defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford took part in a ride-along with the Grand Prairie (TX) Police Department on Tuesday, Sportsday reports.

Crawford said the experience was "eye-opening." He saw the officer conduct community outreach with local youth as well as perform a felony traffic stop with other officers.

Crawford also took part in a police briefing and talked to more officers on "why they chose to be police and we talked about our issues."

Crawford said there's a big difference in hearing about a police call to an active scene versus actually being involved in responding.

"When you're actually in the situation and they call you to a certain situation and you have to go, I'm like, 'Wait, wait, wait. Where are we going? I'm not going to stop a fight right now. I'm in the car,'" Crawford said. "It's more real life when you have to go into those situations and everybody is walking around you saying, 'F the police,' and stuff like that. You know me, I walk into a restaurant nervous. In that situation, I was definitely nervous. I was sitting back, I felt the way they feel, I guess."