Officers from the Vacaville (CA) Police Department recently helped evacuate dozens of  dogs as the fast-moving Nelson Fire threatened the animal shelter they were housed in—and one of those officers has recently adopted one of those dogs.

According to Fox News, Officer Carly Stone and Officer Jennings—along with animal control and the SPCA—quickly evacuated all the animals in about a dozen minutes of frenzied effort.

During the evacuation, Stone encountered a dog named Sean , who she had placed in the front passenger seat of her patrol vehicle.

Sean made himself very much at home there, at one point placing his paws on Stone's right arm as she entered information into her MDT.

"I was looking something up on the computer. He came over and he kinda stood up on the center console and put one of his little paws on my arm or on my hand and kinda looked and wagged his tail. So I was like, 'You’re kinda cute,'" Stone told Fox News.

The next day, Stone and her wife went to the SPCA to see Sean and adopted him.