Meadow Pollack was one of 17 students and educators killed Feb. 14 when confessed gunman Nikolas Cruz shot up the halls of Parkland, FL's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Not far away was Scot Peterson, a Broward Sheriff's Office deputy and Stoneman's school resource officer who reportedly heard the shooting, but stood outside the building as Cruz opened fire on his classmates.

"He let my daughter get shot nine times at point-blank range," the girl's father, Andrew Pollack, told the Miami Herald. "He had the opportunity to go in and instead, let all those people get murdered."

On Monday, Pollack filed a lawsuit against Peterson, Broward County court records show.

In the wrongful death lawsuit, Peterson, a 33-year law enforcement officer who was suspended without pay and immediately resigned and retired after the shooting, is listed as a defendant alongside Cruz. Also named as defendants: the estate of Cruz's late mother, as well as James and Kimberly Snead — the couple who took Cruz in when his mother died.