Florida's governor has issued an executive order reassigning the case of a man accused of killing two police officers from the top prosecutor who says she is no longer seeking the death penalty.

Gov. Rick Scott issued the order Saturday evening, taking the case of Everett Miller from State Attorney Aramis Ayala, reports the Associated Press.

"Today, I am using my executive authority to reassign this case to State Attorney Brad King to ensure the victims of last night's attack and their families receive the justice they deserve," Scott said in the order.

Sgt. Sam Howard and Officer Matthew Baxter of the Kissimmee Police Department were shot late Friday in the district covered by Ayala.

Ayala announced earlier this year that she wouldn't seek the death penalty, explaining it's not a deterrent and it drags on for years for the victims' relatives.

Miller is facing a first-degree murder charge for the Kissimmee shootings. He was arrested late Friday.