California Highway Patrol Officer Tracy Ross, who lives in Napa, is working overtime to assist her neighbors affected by the Wine Country fires.

The area was under a mandatory evacuation order for five days. Holdouts who refused to leave their homes were cut off from everything. They couldn’t leave to get food or to fill up their cars. Some had animals or sick relatives to care for. 

She knows who has pets and who raises cattle. She knows if someone’s relatives have been hospitalized or evacuated. And she knows where everyone who stayed lives.

On Tuesday, the second day the neighborhood was in lockdown, Ross bought bags of groceries with her own money and sent her husband to fetch specialty items. She then dropped them off to affected residents.

Ross, who patrols Napa regularly, said she’s gotten to know the neighborhood where she’s been posted. She knows who lives where, and she’s written notes of passage that allowed certain residents to go through the barricades.

On Wednesday, when a crying mother called her cell phone saying she hadn’t seen her hospitalized daughter in three days, Ross got in her patrol car and took the woman to Queen of the Valley hospital. She waited, then brought her home, reports.