VIDEO: Off-Duty TX Officer Dressed as Batman Arrests Shoplifting Suspect

A Fort Worth, TX, police officer arrested a shoplifting suspect last weekend while dressed in his alter ego of Batman.

"I dress up as many different super heroes and I travel the country in my off time seeing children with cancer and other illnesses," Officer Damon Cole told Fox4 News. "I do that to give them inspiration and hope to keep fighting."

Cole was dressed as Batman at a kids safety fair at a Walmart Saturday when he was alerted to a man suspected of shoplifting four movies.

Since the DVDs amounted to less than $100 in property value, the suspect was just given a citation. He also took a selfie with Batman after being arrested.

One of the movies the suspect reportedly tried to steal was “Lego Batman.” Cole’s reaction to that was: "You cannot steal my movie. Come on."