More than two dozen police officers from the Bergen County (NJ) Bureau of Police Services turned in their badges Monday afternoon, casualties of a staffing cut by Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino.

The laid-off officers, 26 in all, were told in a Sunday night email to report to the county’s Bureau of Criminal Investigations building in Hackensack the next day to turn in their equipment.

“It’s unfortunate. They’re letting go of a lot of good cops," said Dan Sansevere, an eight-year bureau veteran, who was laid off. "A lot of good people that care about this county and want to be here.”

The layoffs are the culmination of a two-month labor war between the bureau’s 73-man union and the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office. Saudino has said the layoffs are the result of new state mandates on court security and bail reform that are forcing him to hire 35 sheriff’s officers, reports.