Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

Police late Wednesday arrested a man suspected of shooting two Detroit police officers earlier in the evening, ending a massive manhunt that covered several blocks of the city's west side, reports the Detroit Free Press.

One officer was shot in the ankle and the other in the neck; they reportedly drove themselves to Detroit Receiving Hospital and both were expected to survive.

When officers caught up to the suspect in the vicinity of the manhunt he was found with gunshot injuries to his leg. Police believe those injuries came during his original exchange of gunfire with the two officers.

A handgun was recovered and he was taken to a hospital.

Chief James Craig said the two officers were on special operations in a semi-marked police car, wearing body armor, doing a narcotics investigation not far from where Wayne State University Police Sgt. Collin Rose was fatally shot Nov. 22.

"We're not prepared to say there's a connection between this suspect and the Collin Rose case but we're investigating to look for a link," said Craig. Police said the gun recovered late Wednesday will be tested for any evidence it's connected to the Collin Rose shooting.