VIDEO: Wild Car Chase in California Rain Includes 'Doughnuts,' Hugs, and a TMZ Tour Bus

A combination of rainy weather and a high-speed chase produced a bizarre image in the annals of televised pursuits: The suspects doing 'doughnuts' on live television and later nearly being blocked by a TMZ tour bus in Los Angeles.

The suspects, driving in a Ford Mustang convertible with the roof down, led police on a chase from the Cerritos area into downtown Los Angeles and eventually to Hollywood, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The chase captivated Los Angeles for about 90 minutes before ending in a party-like atmosphere with apparent friends cheering the suspects on and hugging them before the two calmly surrendered to sheriff's deputies.

Several times, authorities temporarily abandoned the pursuit because of the weather conditions, said LAPD Officer Matthew Ludwig.

On the Hollywood Boulevard overpass of the 101 Freeway, the driver performed a series of doughnuts as cars around him came to an abrupt halt.

"It's definitely odd behavior," Ludwig said.