VIDEO: Footage of Fallen Oregon Officer's Fatal Shooting Released

Police body camera footage released Thursday shows the brief confrontation in February between a Seaside, OR, police sergeant and his attacker that ended in both their deaths as it quickly devolved into chaos and gunfire.

Sgt. Jason Goodding and Officer David Davidson appear to be caught off-guard when a single shot rings out as they tried to take Phillip Ferry into custody outside a restaurant in downtown Seaside on Feb. 5. Prior to the shot being fired, one of the officers tried to TASER Ferry.

Investigators said Ferry, 55, fired one bullet from a .380-caliber pistol that hit Goodding, 39, under his ballistic vest as the sergeant moved toward Ferry.

The video footage shows Davidson, 28, radio that shots were fired, followed by the sound of seven gunshots. Daniel Ginther, a 24-year-old acquaintance of Ferry who was with him when the officers arrived, can be heard referring to Ferry as "Uncle Phil" and repeatedly yelling "stop" and "don't kill him."

Ferry was hit three times. He and Goodding later died in separate hospitals, Oregon Live reports.