VIDEO: Georgia Officer Shoots Man Going for Gun, Body Cam Footage Shows

Police in Clarke County, GA, released body camera footage showing the tense moments during an officer-involved shooting after an officer attempted to stop someone for a liquor violation early Saturday morning.

Athens, GA, officer David Kelley stopped at a Golden Pantry store on Barnett Shoals Road while on routine patrol at about 3 a.m., The Atlanta Journal-Constitution previously reported. There, he encountered two men in a car, pouring liquor into a cup, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said in a news release.

Police said Kelley's body camera footage shows the officer also saw that one of the men, 22-year-old Justin Tramell Scott, had a firearm. Kelley gave multiple commands to Scott, but Scott reached for his firearm and Kelley shot twice, striking Scott once in the left side of his face.

Scott kept running despite his wound. He ran around the building as Kelley threatened to taze him. Scott stumbled and fell, but got up and ran for another three minutes, according to the footage.

Another officer later caught up to and arrested Scott across the street on Barnett Shoals. Scott will recover from his injuries.

Chief R. Scott Freeman said his officer did everything by the book.