VIDEO: Minneapolis Group Pushes for Police Officers to Buy Their Own Liability Insurance

A Minneapolis group has created a petition to change the city's charter to require police officers to provide their own liability insurance. 

City officials say in the past five years, the city has paid out almost $12 million in police lawsuits. The city settled 111 cases; it won in 54 others.

The Committee for Professional Policing's petition pushes for an amendment to the Minneapolis City Charter that would allow the city to pay the base rate of a policy for police, but require any premiums brought on by risky conduct be covered by the officers themselves.

Lt. Bob Kroll is the head of the Minneapolis Police Federation, the union that represents officers. "Our labor agreement mandates the city provides insurance," he told KTSP TV.

The Committee for Professional Policing will be caucusing Tuesday. Members say it has enough signatures to get the measure on November's ballot.