VIDEO: Protesters Demand Firing of San Francisco Chief Over Fatal OIS

A town hall meeting took place Friday night with San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr so the community could discuss the use of lethal force used Wednesday when multiple officers shot Mario Keith Woods who was holding a six-inch kitchen knife. Protesters say deadly force was not necessary and are calling for the chief to be fired.

Shooting witness Christian Hernandez told ABC7, "I still can't believe what I saw because obviously, it was a death right?"

Hernandez shot video of the fatal shooting as he was waiting for a bus, standing across the street from where it happened. His video shows officers surrounding the 26-year-old stabbing suspect on the 6600 block of Third Street Wednesday afternoon.

He recorded Woods' final moments. Officers were yelling "Drop the knife!" numerous times. He appeared to ignore their commands. In the video, it shows an officer firing a bean bag gun. Then, seconds later, officers open fire with their duty pistols.