VIDEO: N.Y. Troopers Deliver Baby in Barracks Garage

New York State Police helped deliver a baby boy in the parking lot of their Boston, N.Y., barracks Thursday, reports WIVB.

Troopers say a Boston couple went into labor at their home and called 911, as the woman's contractions were less than a minute apart. A local fire department and an ambulance were sent out, but Matthew and Misty Kovacs attempted to get to emergency services before they could arrive.

The Kovacs drove to the heated garage at the New York State Police barracks in Boston where troopers noticed the woman and started making preparations to help her give birth. They put out blankets and towels on the floor and got ready with other supplies. The baby boy was born seven minutes later.

The Kovacs are doing well in the hospital, and they sent pizza and wings to the barracks with gratitude for a healthy child.