Corporal Tyler Kinney, a 12-year veteran of the Colchester, Vermont, Police Department, is on unpaid leave from the force, following his arrest on suspicion of stealing drug and gun evidence from the department's evidence room. Colchester Police Chief Jennifer Morrison made the announcement Tuesday.

"Today is the darkest day in the history of the Colchester Police Department," Morrison told reporters, reading a prepared statement in a somber tone. "In my 24 years in law enforcement, I have never been so disappointed."

Morrison said Kinney, 38, of Jericho, Vermont, was in charge of evidence handling. She said she expects Kinney to face federal charges of drug sales and gun trafficking on Wednesday. Morrison explained the alleged crimes came to light when the Burlington Police Department seized a gun as part of one of its investigations that was supposed to be locked up in Colchester, reports.

The investigation is still ongoing, Morrison noted, adding that the department is fully cooperating with federal authorities, including the FBI. Morrison said the amount of drugs diverted from the evidence locker is still undetermined.