Daniel Holtzclaw (Booking Photo)

Daniel Holtzclaw (Booking Photo)

An Oklahoma City police officer accused of sexually assaulting 13 women will face trial on the allegations, a judge ruled Tuesday afternoon.

Daniel Ken Holtzclaw, 27, faces 35 felony counts and one misdemeanor. All but one of the reported crimes occurred while Holtzclaw was on duty. He had been a patrol officer for three years at the time the accusations arose.

Holtzclaw faces six counts of first-degree rape, which is punishable by life in prison. The other counts against him include second-degree rape by instrumentation, sexual battery, forcible oral sodomy, burglary, stalking, indecent exposure and procuring lewd exhibition.

A total of 15 witnesses testified at the two-day preliminary hearing, including all reported victims of sex crimes and the man who was inside a home when Holtzclaw is said to have entered without a warrant, NewsOK reports.