Photo courtesy of BB Inc.

Photo courtesy of BB Inc.

BB Inc. has introduced concealed carry designer bags for women looking for alternatives to transporting their gun off-duty.

Designed with a satchel shape, the bags contain a zipper compartment to store the firearm safely. Inside the pocket is a holster with a Velcro piece that wraps around the gun for security. It is also adjustable. 

Available in three sizes, the bags are named after characters from the TV shows X-Files and Law and Order: SVU and the movie Thin Man. The largest bag, Dana, measures 10.5 inches by 16 inches for weapons similar in size to .45-caliber pistols. The medium-sized bag, Olivia, measures 8.5 inches by 14 inches for .357-caliber pistols and similar firearms. The Asta is the smallest bag with measurements of 6.75 inches by 13 inches for .22 caliber and similar pistols.

All sizes are available in all-leather or a fabric and leather combination. Multiple patterns and colors are also available.

A sturdy, hard-size bag is used to prevent others from detecting the shape of the gun. For identification purposes, a unique number will be assigned to each bag.

The bags were created by BB Inc. President and CEO Beth Farcht, a retired federal agent, who found there weren’t many attractive bags on the market women can use when not carrying their gun on their belt. Too often, women throw their firearm into a regular purse because they don’t want to sacrifice style for function, but doing so can lead to accidental discharge, according to Farcht.

Made in the USA, the bags are manufactured by Professional Case, a custom manufacturer of leather doctor bags and medical cases. Orders can be placed now for the bags, and BB Inc. plans to launch an online website in time for the IACP show on Oct. 19.