VIDEO: Fla. Cop Suspended Over Bra Search

Internet hackers posted the personal information of a Lakeland (Fla.) Police officer on social media sites, after dash-cam video showed him forcing a female motorist to shake out her bra during a late-May traffic stop.

Officer Dustin Fetz served a four-day suspension for the May 21 stop in which he pulled over Zoe Brugger for a broken headlight. Fetz can be seen telling Brugger to empty her pockets and then lift her shirt and shake out her bra twice. Brugger told ABC News the stop was "demeaning, degrading."

Last week, State Attorney Jerry Hill sent a 15-page letter to Lakeland Police Chief Lisa Womack criticizing Officer Fetz, reports the Ledger.

"This highly questionable search method is not only demeaning," Hill wrote, "but is ineffective and possibly dangerous."

The hacker group Anonymous has claimed responsibility for posting the personal information of Fetz and his family members, reports the Ledger.