Investigators say that a nude, 18-year old University of South Alabama freshman had taken LSD and assaulted others before a campus police officer fatally shot him early Saturday morning.

Gil Collar took the hallucinogen during the BayFest music festival prior to attacking two people in vehicles and attempting to bite a woman's arm, according to the Associated Press. Collar then went to campus police headquarters where he was shot by police officer Trevis Austin after allegedly rushing toward the officer in a fighting stance.

The incident has caused uproar on the USA campus, as some students have protested the deadly shooting, while others have supported the actions of campus police, reports the Washington Post.

Meanwhile, students have circulated a petition requesting the campus reevaluate training and issue less-lethal weapons at the campus police department. The petition, which started Tuesday , has already garnered 60 of the 100 requested signatures, reports the Birmingham News.


Ala. Campus Cop Shoots, Kills Student In 'Fighting Stance'