Photo: BlackHawk

Photo: BlackHawk

BlackHawk's Serpa holster was recently named the 2011 "Brand of the Year" as part of the annual OpticsPlanet Brilliance awards, according to the company.

The staff at the online retailer selected the Serpa holster based for its innovative design and diverse lineup, following a year of extensive testing, monitoring, selling, and supporting more than 120,000 items. The Serpa line offers multiple levels of security and models for both concealment and on-duty use.

During the review by the OpticsPlanet staff, BlackHawk's Serpa was characterized as an ideal product line of holsters for law enforcement officers, soldiers, and professionals. OpticsPlanet also noted that BlackHawk offered a number of top-of-the-line concealment holsters through the company's CQC and Sportster models, according to the company.

In the retailer's summary of the holster lineup, OpticsPlanet wrote, "A BlackHawk Serpa holster provides superior weapon retention with state-of-the-art technology and a quick draw, and the Serpa concealed series lets you securely carry your weapon without attracting attention."

"The Serpa holster has become synonymous with the BlackHawk brand and for a very good reason," said Jake Jacobs, brand manager. "Both names stress the importance of quality, innovation, performance and surpassing the expectations of the marketplace."