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P17 Pistol

KelTec P17 Pistol

The new, affordable P17 pistol from KelTec is designed to make training a lot less expensive and far more fun.


Smith Tactics Offers AR-15 Accessories

Smith Tactics Battle-Bar extended bolt catch release

Smith Tactics offers three products for mil-spec AR-15 platforms: the Battle-Bar (an extended bolt catch release), the Lightning Bolt (an automatic bolt release), and the Illuminator (an LED-lit sight).


Rapid Force Duty Holster

Alien Gear Rapid Force Duty Holster

Alien Gear Holsters' new Rapid Force Duty Holster for law enforcement and the military is built for a fast, fluid draw; security; and durability.


FN 15 SRP G2

FN 15 SRP G2

The lightweight and streamlined FN 15 SRP G2 was developed expressly for law enforcement officers. It features a hard-anodized aluminum body and free float handguard.