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Smith Tactics Offers AR-15 Accessories

Smith Tactics Battle-Bar extended bolt catch release

Smith Tactics offers three products for mil-spec AR-15 platforms: the Battle-Bar (an extended bolt catch release), the Lightning Bolt (an automatic bolt release), and the Illuminator (an LED-lit sight).


Rapid Force Duty Holster

Alien Gear Rapid Force Duty Holster

Alien Gear Holsters' new Rapid Force Duty Holster for law enforcement and the military is built for a fast, fluid draw; security; and durability.


FN 15 SRP G2

FN 15 SRP G2

The lightweight and streamlined FN 15 SRP G2 was developed expressly for law enforcement officers. It features a hard-anodized aluminum body and free float handguard.


Writing a Handgun Optics Policy

For handgun optics qualification protocol, the issue is whether to have officers qualify with...

If your agency is allowing officers to use red dot sights on duty pistols, then it needs to have a policy that covers issues such as training, equipment, and qualification protocols.