SHOT Show 2024: FN Reflex and Reflex MRD 9mm

The FN Reflex and Reflex MRD 9mm pistols, by FN America, feature a 5-pound single-action-only (SAO) trigger and were developed to be concealed-carry handguns.

The FN Reflex was designed for concealed carry.The FN Reflex was designed for concealed carry.FN America

The FN Reflex and Reflex MRD 9mm pistols, by FN America, feature a 5-pound single-action-only (SAO) trigger, a cold hammer-forged barrel, and magazine capacities of 11, and 15 rounds. Both were developed to be concealed-carry handguns.

“Innovation is at the core of FN’s product development efforts. We aspire to push beyond the status quo to deliver products that provide meaningful improvement over the existing landscape, and we feel we’ve accomplished this with the FN Reflex,” said Mark Cherpes, president and CEO for FN America.


The FN Reflex is a slim, 1-inch micro compact that puts 27 rounds at the ready with the included 11-round and 15-round magazines. Advanced ergonomics and stippled frame texture give concealed carriers unmatched control over recoil in an extremely small pistol, FN said.

Internal SAO Hammer

FN said the fire control group with an internal hammer produces one of the best trigger feels in a micro-compact pistol. Paired with the cold hammer-forged barrel and factory-milled slide for a micro red dot (MRD), FN said the Reflex produces match-grade accuracy from a micro-compact pistol that is incredibly easy to shoot and conceal.

The internal hammer design also allows for reduced slide-racking force and the ability to disassemble the pistol without pulling the trigger. Multiple redundant safeties within the fire control make the FN Reflex an extremely safe and reliable concealed carry pistol, according to FN.

“The concealed carry 9mm pistol category is the fastest growing pistol segment in our industry because more and more people are taking their personal protection seriously,” said Chris Cole, vice president of sales and marketing for FN America, LLC. “With the release of the FN Reflex and Reflex MRD, consumers have a new choice that embraces future-forward concealed carry technology.”

The pistols, released in 2023, are available in both standard and MRD (micro red dot) configurations in black and flat dark earth (FDE) finishes.

Sighting and Accuracy

The FN Reflex is capable of achieving match-grade accuracy, according to FN, from its 3.3-inch cold hammer-forged barrel, which is housed within a 6.2-inch slide that has front and rear cocking serrations for easy slide racking and press checks.

Both models are configured with three-dot iron sights with a tritium front night sight for low-light sight acquisition. The MRD models have a factory-milled slide to directly mount an optic in a few minutes. The slide features a top plate that is removed to install a micro red dot and includes mounting screws.

The optic mounting system is compatible with the Shield RMSc and the Holosun K series, and is capable of accepting more than six micro red dot optics with similar footprints.

“What sets Reflex apart results from FN’s approach to development,” said John Ryan, director of product management for FN America, LLC. “Our team studied the impacts of user interface and ergonomics on the overall shooting experience as an important part of this project. The result is a slim 1-inch-wide micro-compact pistol that fits comfortably in the hand, with an easy-to-rack slide, and excellent trigger. The use of multi-faceted texturing anchors the gun to your hand during fire and the overall low bore axis of Reflex further reduces felt recoil making this incredibly small pistol easy to conceal, control, and shoot accurately.”

Magazine Capacity

Both variations of the Reflex ship with two magazines included in the box, giving the user an onboard capacity of 26 rounds plus one in the chamber when all magazines are fully loaded.

The 11-round magazine is outfitted with a pinky extension that enables most users to get a full-hand grip on the frame, providing just enough space for the pinky finger to rest comfortably. The 15-round extended magazine features a grip sleeve with the same aggressive in-mold stippled texture and extends approximately 1 inch from the bottom of the frame.

All FN Reflex pistols also ship with one flush-fit baseplate should consumers wish to swap out the pinky extension of the 11-round magazine for an even lower profile that reduces the likelihood of printing under cover garments.

IWB Holster

FN developed and launched an ambidextrous inside-the-waistband holster for the FN Reflex and FN Reflex MRD. With a thin profile for IWB concealment, the injection-molded holster provides complete retention and immediate access, the company said. It features adjustments for retention, belt clip cant, and left-or-right-hand use.

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