Man Arrested After Threatening Florida Sheriff’s Helicopter Crew

The man reportedly threatened the crew by repeatedly screaming, “The devil is is going to kill you, and I am going to help.”

A man who was previously arrested for threatening to shoot down a Volusia County, Florida, Sheriff’s helicopter was arrested again after lurking around the hangar and uttering disturbing statements to the crew.

The threats and statements made this time, however, were a step further than the large sign and vulgar language he has used before, records showed. Over the weekend 59-year-old Robert Moni was charged with three counts of aggravated stalking of the Air One crew of the Volusia County Sheriff's Office (VCSO), CBS 12 reports.

“The devil is is going to kill you, and I am going to help,” Moni reportedly said.

While making this strange threat, Moni was repeatedly screaming at crewmembers Sunday, accusing them of being evil and giving him concussions when they fly over his home, which is close by to the hangar, according to the affidavit.

In 2018, Moni was arrested after threatening to shoot down the helicopter with lasers and gunfire. Typically, when crewmembers encounter him, Moni keeps his distance and has a large sign claiming Volusia County Sheriff Michael Chitwood is a sinner, records said.

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